That fateful morning

He stood at the window, looking out to sea. .. contemplating. She watched him from the doorway for the longest possible time, watched the emotions play across his face in those unguarded moments when he thought he wasn’t being watched. She saw sadness and pain flitter across his face one after the other. Her heart went out to him… he who stood so strong in the face of the world.
He turned and saw her standing there and she saw a brief moment of suprise in his eyes before he schooled his expression and held out his hand to her. She hesitated for just a moment before she went to him and placed her hand in his.  He was after all her best friend. She wanted to console him. .. say the right thing which would bring him peace, ease away the pain she saw but when she looked into his eyes the words she wanted to say just flew right out of her mind. His eyes seemed to pull her deeper into his…. she was drowning.
She felt him pull her closer, wrap one arm around her waist while the other cradled her cheek.  His thumb caressed her lips,  tracing its outline.  They were still looking into each others eyes… her mind was telling her something but it was too far away to comprehend.  All she was aware of was his touch, the way he held her against him, the roughness of his thumb on her tender lip, the way his eyes darkened as they filled with passion. She watched through heavy lidded eyes as his face drew closer slowly.
“No, its wrong” her fog clouded brain screamed in one half hearted attempt at sanity! She sighed gently as she felt him tilt her head upwards and  close the gap between their lips. His lips touched hers for the briefest moment before drawing back. His eyes still held hers. . watching her intently. She wanted him to kiss her, she wanted to kiss him and she raised herself to her toes, craned her neck up towards him….. she heard him whisper her name and close the distance between them and cover her mouth with his. She felt powerless beneath the pressure of his lips firmly coaxing hers apart. She trembled at the determined sweep of his tongue as he probed between her lips, demanding access to the moistness within. And she was powerless to stop him; lost from the moment he’d first touched her…. caught up in a maelstrom of emotions as she felt the piercing sweetness of intense sexual desire for the first time in her life.
She felt her knees go weak and buckle under her but he closed his other arm around her waist and dragged her hard up against the solid length of his arousal straining urgently beneath his PJs. She didn’t want to think, she wanted to feel and touch and lose herself in the world of sensory pleasure that his kisses evoked. She felt as though she were standing on the threshold of some new and wonderful place and he was giving her the choice of stepping through the door, or closing it and turning back. Tentatively she touched his face, and traced her finger across his mouth.  She longed for him to kiss her again. Her innate shyness trapped her tongue, but the silent message in her eyes must have shined through brightly coz his chest heaved as he drew a deep breath. He kissed her with an unrestrained hunger, neither of them caring about the consequences of their relationship status quo.
She felt his hands brushing lightly against her skin as he held the strings of her nighty and slid them off her shoulders, lowering it slowly to her ankles. She felt shy. No one had seen her like this before. Then her heart jerked frantically beneath her ribs as doubt flooded through her. The memory of her ex bf roughly pawing her breasts filled her mind, and she tensed, her breath coming in sharp little gasps of panic. But he was not rough and the glitter of male appreciation in his eyes as he gently cupped the pouting fullness of her breasts sent a shiver of another kind through her. Her panic gradually receded.  She heard him mutter something indistinct beneath his breath and saw colour flare briefly along his cheekbones. ‘Beautiful,’ he said thickly, and stroked his fingertip across one nipple in a featherlight caress. The sensation was so exquisite that she gasped and then closed her eyes arching her back and felt the pleasure build when he brushed his thumb pad lightly over the crest of her other breast. She couldn’t recall him undressing and she caught her breath at that very first contact of a hard male naked chest pressed against the softness of her breasts. It felt so good, so right  that she burrowed closer still, loving the strength of his arms around her as he found her mouth once more and kissed her, trailing his kisses down to the base of her neck. .. sucking her pulse point there until she was breathless.
He backed her slowly towards his bed, lowering her onto it. He moved so that he was kneeling above her. He removed the last tiny wisp of cotton and she blushed when he trailed his eyes deliberately down her body. She felt his hands all over her body,  touching and caressing her and slowly his mouth found her breast and captured it.
The sensation of his mouth on her breast was indescribable. He drew her nipple fully into his mouth.  She couldn’t help the soft cry that escaped her lips as the tugging sensation on her breast became unbearably exquisite. She whimpered  and she tossed her head from side to side when he transferred his mouth to her other swollen crest while she felt his hands stroking and sliding lightly over her stomach, back up towards her other breast… squeezing gently, playing with her other nipple, caressing her hip, her belly and then moving lower. She could hardly miss the throbbing hardness of his erection pressed against her thigh. He told her that she had a beautiful body and he was very turned on by her as he took her hand and laid it over the bulge beneath his Pjs. Her eyes widen, she had never felt the real thing before and he lowered his head and kissed her softly swollen mouth deeply.
She felt his hand  slide between her legs and delicately probe the tightly closed edge of her femininity. Her whole body jerked with reaction.  Her heart was beating so fast that she was sure it would burst through her chest and she caught her breath when he slowly inserted a finger between her virginal folds. She could feel the betraying dampness between her legs and was embarrassed that he would know she was so aroused, but he gave a low growl of satisfaction and eased deeper inside her while his thumb pad found the tight little nub of her clit and tenderly stroked across it with devastating effect. The shock of experiencing her first intimate male caress caused her to cry out. The feel of his finger moving inside her was bliss, rapture beyond anything she had ever imagined, and she trembled as intense sensations rippled through her. To her untutored body it seemed impossible that there could be more, that she wasn’t already at the peak, but the ache deep inside her was growing ever more demanding, and following an instinct as old as time she tried clumsily to pull him down on top of her.
She could feel the tension inside her spiral with each exquisite thrust, and now he moved faster, harder, taking her inexorably towards the edge. She felt as though she was losing her grip on reality, lost to sensation and the pleasure that was building and building. She clung to his shoulders and anchored there while the storm raged. Little ripples were starting deep inside her and radiating out as her climax hovered tantalisingly close. Desperation made her sob his name, and she pleaded with him to never, ever stop. And suddenly she was there, suspended for timeless seconds and the dam broke and she was racked by spasm after spasm of intense sensation that dragged a sharp, animal cry from her throat.
He moved away from her slightly and dispelled of his Pjs before coming down on her, she felt the rough hairs that covered his thighs and abdomen abrasive against her skin. She felt the jutting length of his penis press into her belly—so shockingly rigid and alien to her that her eyes flew open and she stared up at him as he loomed over her, and swallowed at the hard gleam in his eyes. What on earth was she doing? Was she really going to allow him. .. her best friend whom she had literally grown up with….to make love to her? A tremor ran through her. She shouldn’t be here, should never have allowed this feeling between them to burst into flames.
She could feel the thickness of his shaft press impatiently against her opening. He was very big and her heart was galloping, her breath coming in short, shallow pants, and suddenly her nerve deserted her and she tried to bring her legs together. He looked down into her eyes and asked her whether she trusted him. She swallowed hard and nodded not trusting her voice. He told her he wouldn’t hurt her.  The sensual smokiness of his voice wrapped around her like a cocoon, and she was only dimly conscious of him taking her hand and placing it on his arousal. He was so hard and powerful. He wrapped her fingers around him. He was so hard yet so soft. velvet. He taught her how to hold him and how to move, how much to move, how hard to hold him, how fast…She saw the passion light up in his face. She was amazed that she could bring him such pleasure. He touched her breasts, moving up to kiss her passionately. He intertwined his fingers with hers placing their hands on either side of her head. She felt his arousal on her belly and then he began to move; firm, steady strokes…..gently building up the tempo, each thrust more forceful and urgent than the last. She heard the low groan that seemed to be ripped from his throat and felt the great shudders that tore through him as he reached his own release. He slumped on top of her and she felt his heart slamming in his chest.
In a protective gesture as old as womankind she crossed her arms over his back and cradled him on her breasts, holding him tight for those few moments while he was at his most vulnerable. Tears filled her eyes and tenderness swamped her heart. Her best friend……



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